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 Organization and management
of the donation fund

The fund is managed by a board of directors who select the research programs they want to support. The board of directors also follows up with these programs.

A provisional budget is allocated each year to determine the financial scope and planned actions.

  Relays and partners

The dotation fund relies on bodies specialized in scientific fields to attribute grants and finance research programs. The operational implementation of the financial support is under the responsability of these organizations.


In 2021, the first research center which benefits from Jean Zeitoun Endowment Fund financial support is TECHNION, a research institute located on Mount Carmel in Haïfa in Israël. It was inaugurated in 1924 and Albert Einstein was among the founding fathers. This first sponsorship is allocated to the Institute research units in astrophysics and quantum physics.


TECHNION-France, which is the TECHNION Paris representation has initiated several partnerships with French grandes écoles, including Polytechnique.

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