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Evénements 2022

Events 2022

  • The Lidow Physics Complex,  Technion Physics Department, and his great founding fathers, welcome the plaque in memory of Jean Zeitoun


The Endowment Fund Jean Zeitoun, in 2021, supported Technion in Haïfa, and provided a scholarship to a student in master of Physics. In 2022 we discover the plaque in memory of Jean on the Technion campus.

Baie d’Haïfa – Israël

(Source : private – 2022)

Terrass garden Baha’ies - Haïfa Israël (Source : private – 2022)

The Lidow Physics Complex is located on the Technion Campus on beautiful hills in the middle of pink and purple bougainvillea. In front of the “art deco style” building, two olive trees, one of the Jean’s favorite trees.

Lidow Physics Complex – TECHNION, Haïfa

(Source : private , 2022)

On the walls of the lobby, we discover a Nathan ROSEN photography as the founder of the Physics Technion Department in 1953.  

Nathan ROSEN – Founder of the Physics Department 

Lidow Physics Complex – TECHNION, Haïfa

(Source : private , 2022)

Actually  if Albert EINSTEIN is one of the famous Technion founding fathers in 1924, it’s Nathan ROSEN[1], who took the initiative to create the Physics Departement in 1953. 

Nathan ROSEN was a world renowned astrophysicist for his discoveries in quantum physics. At the age of 22, he published an article in which he predicted the existence of the neutron. He contributes, with Einstein, to the formulation of the famous “EPR Paradox – Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen”.

But ROSEN it’s also the « Einstein-Rosen bridge » who popularised the notion of “wormhole”.

By a strange coïncidence, Jean Zeitoun, spent hours in the last months of his life to teaching several astrophysical notions to his neophyte friends and specifically the EPR paradoxe, very mysterious for them.

« There is no chance, there are only appointments” …



[1] Born on mars 221909 in Brooklyn, dead on july 26 , 1995 in Haïfa

June13th 2022, the representative of the Jean Zeitoun Fund, discovers the plaque in memory of Jean Zeitoun on the wall of the Lidow Physics Complex Lobby.

In memory of Jean ZEITOUN

Endowment Fund

Lidow Physics Complex – TECHNION, Haïfa

(Source : private – 2022)

Valérie Sabah, Executive Director TECHNION France and Robin Haim, Head of Donor Relations – Public Affairs & Resource Development at the TECHNION in Haïfa organized this inauguration.


Valérie Sabah, Executive Director TECHNION France

Agnès Huet, Representative of Jean Zeitoun Endowment Fund, Robin Haim, Head of Donor Relations, Public Affairs & Resource Development TECHNION - Haifa

June 13, 2022.

Beautiful location and a very moving moment.

  • A happy confluence...


On this day we discover, just in front of Jean’s plaque in the lobby, the Einstein famous photography when he is sticking out his tongue. It’s a painting reproduction of the photo by the artist Dana Keren. Jean would have been delighted with this humoristic coincidence. For Jean, Albert Einstein was one of the most important characters in his personal Pantheon.

©  Artiste peintre Dana KEREN

Lidow Physics Complex – TECHNION, Haïfa, (Source : private 2022)

Lidow Physics Complex – TECHNION, Haïfa, 

(Source : private 2022)

 The Jean's memory is very well surrounded and preserved in a so beautiful area.

photo 19.JPG

Jean Zeitoun

(Source: privée, 2019)

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