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Supporting research at TECHNION

The Jean Zeitoun's Endowment fund Actions

Supporting research at TECHNION

  •     Introducing TECHNION

Inaugurated in 1924 Technion is the first university and engineering school in Israel and counts Albert Einstein among its founding fathers. It ranks today among the ten best universities in science and technology research in the world. It also has branches in the United States (Technion-Cornell Institute in New York) and in China (Guangdong Technion Israel Institute of Technology (GTIIT) in Shantou, Guangdong Province).

The university offers students the possibility to pursue postgraduate studies and also a postdoctorate cycle. The research programmes are essentially in scientific domains, in cosmology, engineering, medecine, industrial management, architecture, urban planning, artificial intelligence and information systems.

With more than 14 000 students each year and 60 research centres, Technion has a few Nobel Prizes among his teachers.[1] The institute contributes regularly to world awards in physics, mathematics, and astrophysics domains. For instance, the Harvey Prize has been awarded to the following researchers:

Pierre-Gilles de Gennes (Physics, 1991),

Claude Cohen-Tannoudji (Physics, 1997),

David J. Gross (Physics, 2004),

Kip Thorne et Rainer Weiss (Physics, 2017), and

Arthur Ashkin (Physics, 2018).



  • [1] Three Nobel Prizes in Chemistry were awarded to four of its teachers.

  • Partnership of TECHNION with schools of distinction, including Polytechnique

Technion-France represents Technion—the Israel Institute of Technology—in France, in French speaking Switzerland, in Belgium, and in Luxembourg.

Technion-France increases industrial cooperation with internationally renowned French companies such as Véolia, Total, Havas, Servier, Arkema, SEB Alliance and Alstom who have already invested in Technion's many research and development projects.


In 2019, Technion signed several academic partnerships including one with l’École polytechnique on Saclay Plateau. This collaboration enabled the two organizations to welcome students who follow cross-curriculum to develop research projects together.



  • TECHNION activities in astrophysics and quantum physics domains

The Technion astrophysics division, headed by professor Ehud Behar, explores topics such as theoretical and observational astrophysics and cosmology. Technion joins forces with other university institutes in Israël and abroad and welcomes guests for short or long term visits.

The graduate courses explore the following subjects:

- Galactic physics

- Cosmology

- Advanced research in stellar physics

- Nuclear physics in astrophysics

- High Energy astrophysics

- Physics of the stellar universe

- Observational astrophysics


Helen Diller Quantum Center, led by Professor Joseph Avron, includes several research domains, among them quantum computing and quantum communication. 

More precisely, the centre includes the following disciplines:

- Quantum computing

- Quantum communication

- Quantum simulation

- Quantum materials

- Detection and quantum devices

  • In 2021, the Jean Zeitoun’s Endowment Fund supports TECHNION research departments in astrophysics and quantum physics

For its first sponsorship, the Jean Zeitoun’s Endowment Fund has decided to support Technion astrophysics and quantum physics departments through granting a scholarship to a student who is involved in a research project in the above domains.

This Jean Zeitoun’s Endowment Fund scholarship will be handed out to Technion on the 20th November 2021 at La Maison des Polytechniciens in Paris on Jean’s birthday. A commemorative plaque will be placed in one of the rooms of the Technion astrophysics department.

  • November 20th 2021, the Endowment Fund inaugurates its first action


On Saturday November 20th 2021, the date of Jean Zeitoun's birthday, the board of directors of the Endowment Fund allocates its first sponsorship to TECHNION and its astrophysics and quantum physics research centers by granting a scholarship. Its aim is to finance a research project initiated by a student who prepares a master in these fields..

Photo 39 -  Accueil X.JPEG

Source illustration : privée - 2021

Photo 40 - CA du FDD.jpeg

The Jean Zeitoun Endowment Fund board of directors (his sisters, Simone Scemama and Marlène Dreyfus, Guillaume Hérisson, Erwan Lauriot-Prévost, Agnès Huet and soon to be appointed, his cousin Jacqueline Bie, who was unable to attend the ceremony) welcomes Pr Jacques Lewiner Technion-France president– 20/11/2021

Source : privée

Photo 41 - Reception chèque FDD - Technion.jpg

Professeur Jacques LEWINER, TECHNION-France president is presented with  Jean Zeitoun Endowment Fund sponsorship cheque - 20/11/2021

Source : privée

Photo 42- Présentation Technion.jpeg

Valérie SABAH, General Manager and Pr. Jacques LEWINER,  Président, TECHNION-France -20/11/2021

Source : privée

For 2021-2022, the board of directors of the Endowment Fund allocates its sponsorship to TECHNION and its astrophysics and quantum physics research centers by granting a scholarship. More specifically this scholarship has been granted to a student who prepares a master in these fields. His name is Maor Eldar.

Maor Eldar planed to do a thesis under the direction of Prof. Michael Krueger, « Head of the ultrafast quantum dynamics group in the Faculty of Physics » at the Technion Haïfa.  The title the Maor’s project is: « Free-electron quantum optics with highly coherent energy-modulated single electron wavepackets »


His letter to the Jean Zeitoun Endowment Fund:



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