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Jean Zeitoun

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Born on : 20th November 1941

Died on : 7th May 2021

Diplomas : 

  • Ecole polytechnique (1961)

  • Ecole nationale des ponts et chaussées (1966)

  • Doctor of Literature and Social Science (1977)

Activity and research:

  • Methodology in architecture

  • Synthesis images

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Research in mathematics on coding theory

  • Research in computational linguistics (France,


Special interest : 

  • Sciences of the universe and Life sciences

  • Italy, from North to South and East to West

  • And music . . .

His personal pantheon :
Albert Einstein, again and above all

Wendy Walker,

October 2023

(Maison des Moines)


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The Jean Zeitoun Endowment Fund

As a non-profit organization, the Fund’s first mission is to honor Jean Zeitoun’s outstanding personality: a generous, brilliant, and genuine all-rounder man, but also an out of the box thinker and an exceptional mentor. The second mission is to support and finance research projects in scientific domains, such as: sciences of the universe, astrophysics, cosmology, quantum physics, astronomical observation, and mathematics applied to these fields.

In keeping Jean Zeitoun's personality alive, our purpose is to support the projects of research centers, laboratories and institutions working in scientific domains. Until his final days, Jean explored the abysses of the macrocosmos as well as the microcosmos. We will carry on this exploration with him and for him.

Jean Zeitoun Endowment Fund has a proper constitution and a dedicated governance.

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